Camp Themes

Session 1: June 13-17

Kung Fu Panda Experience

Learn the art of Kung Fu and see how Po and all of his friends used the ancient art of Kung Fu in the movie.

Life Challenge: Self-Discipline


Session 2: June 20-24


improve your focus & coordination with moving targets, and tactical exercises. Guest Instructors from the police department

Life Challenge: Focus & Coordination


Session 3: June 27-01

World Warrior Tour

Learn about and ex-perience 5 different styles of Martial Arts from around the world.

Life Challenge: Concentration



Session 4  July  04-08

Mission Impossible: Black Belt Edition

Your mission-should you choose to accept it – a week of awesome spy fun!

Life Challenge: Goal Setting


Session 5: July 11-July 15

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Prepare for a fierce battle to find out who really is the best! Whose side are you going to be on?

Life Challenge: Honor


Session 6: July 18-22

Tip  Boot-Camp

Join us for a week of curriculum and training and earn your Tips in one week!

Life Challenge: Perseverance



Session 7: July 25-29

Star Wars Jedi Training

Students will learn how to use a light saber and then complete challenges to earn a true Jedi status!

Life Challenge: Attitude


Session 8: August 01-05

Black Belt Myth Busters

Putting the biggest questions in the world of martial arts to the test…like the one inch death punch.

Life Challenge: Focus



Session 9: August 08- 12

Taekwondo Olympics

Go for the gold and train in Taekwondo classes and games, with chances for friendly competitions.

Life Challenge: Perseverance


Session 10: August 15-19

Catch-Up Camp

Don’t worry if you missed a few classes this summer. Catch-up camp will refresh your memory and you’ll be up to speed in no time! You may get your next belt!

Life Challenge: Respect