Welcome to United Martial Arts!  Summer Camp 2017

We are excited to have you here! It’s going to be a fun and educational summer! Here are some things to remember.


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Pay for Full summer only $999 per child!

 1 CHILD 1 WEEK (8:00 am-6:30pm)

($20 late fee past 6:30pm)

 $135 week by week

  • 2 weeks $260
  • 3 weeks $375
  • 4 weeks $480

2 CHILDREN 1 WEEK (8:00am-6:30pm)

($20 late fee past 6:30pm)

      $250 Week by Week

  • 2 weeks $480
  • 3 weeks $690
  • 4 weeks $880

3 CHILDREN 1 WEEK(8:00 am-6:30pm)

($20 late fee past 6:30pm)

     $330 Week by Week

  • 2 weeks $600
  • 3 weeks $900
  • 4 weeks $1080

Uniform: School Martial Arts Uniform and Camp T-shirt is Mandatory. No other uniform is allowed. $49

T-Shirts: School T-Shirt is mandated for field trip days.  Cost: $15 or both for $50

Lunch: Please bring a bag lunch and snack.

Field Trips: All Field trips are included in Tuition. Lunch and Snack is not included.

We depart for fieldtrips at 9:15. No later! Please be on time to field trip days. If missed day is not refundable.  

  1. Parents are encouraged call before 9:00am if your child is to be absent from camp. Please call directly to the school 305-586-5759 and leave a message.
  2. Students are to be dropped off no earlier than 8:00 am and are to be picked up no later than 6:30 pm. After 6:30 pm the late pick-up charge is as follows: 1-30 minutes late–$5.00 late fee, Each additional hour late–$10.00
  3. Summer Camp fees are to be paid prior to the start of the week in full, there will be no per day payments. If any account is not paid the student WILL NOT be allowed to attend camp.
  4. Each camper is responsible for their own snacks and lunches. Please send lunches in disposable containers if possible as we will not be responsible for washing food containers or lost items. Please send all necessary eating utensils. Items such as chicken nuggets, sandwiches, pizza hot pockets, quesadillas, fruits etc.. will be available for purchase. Pre-paid snack cards are available.
  5. Absences will not be credited.
  6. It is imperative that Master Daniel or Tonya be made aware of Dietary or Health or Food Restrictions in writing. United Martial Arts will not be held responsible for any situation that arises from failure to do so.
  7. Only persons listed on the pick-up list will be permitted to pick up your child.
  8. Children must arrive by the designated time on Field Trip days.  We will not be responsible if a child arrives late and misses the bus to the field trip and no refund will be given.
  9. Children MUST wear their camp T-Shirt on designated field trip days. If your child does not wear their camp shirt a new shirt will be given to them at a cost of $15.00
  10. Children must behave and follow the instructions of all the staff members and volunteers. Failure to do so will resultin expulsion from camp without refund.
  11. Please be advised that field trips may change due to weather or other unforeseen reasons. Please check the weekly schedules!!
  12. If you are sending money with your child for food or field trips please note that we are unable to make change at the school.

United Martial Arts Summer Camp Registration Form

Student Information

Student’s Full Name: ______________________________________________________________

                                    Last                                                  First                                 Nickname


Parent/Guardian’s Name: ______________________________________________________________

                                         Last                                             First


Address: ______________________________________________________________

Street Address Apartment/Unit #



City                            State                               ZIP Code

Day Time Phone: _(____)______________________ Cell Phone(s): (         )________________

Work Phone: _(         )______________________ E-mail:_____________________________________

Birth Date: _____________________________ T-Shirt Size (circle one): Child S M L Adult M L XL


How did you hear about this camp? _______________________________________________________

Emergency Contact

Full Name: ______________________________________________________________

Last First


Relationship to Student: _____________________Phone Number: ____________________________


Full Name: ______________________________________________________________

Last First


Relationship to Student: _____________________Phone Number: ____________________________

Authorization of Treatment:

I hereby give my permission to the medical personnel selected by the camp director to order

treatment and necessary transportation for my child. In the event I cannot be reached in an

emergency, I hereby give my permission to the physician to secure and administer treatment,

including authorization for my child named above.


Release Statement:

I acknowledge that there are natural hazards associated with camping and related activities in

the outdoor setting. I hereby affirm that my child is in good health and physically capable of

performing the required activities of camp.



Photo Release:

I hereby give my permission for my child’s picture to be used United Martial Arts publications or video programs.




I give my permission for my child to travel to field trip destinations which correlate to the camp lessons. I understand that I will be informed of the field trips scheduled for the week of camp on the first day of camp.



Note: By initialing above, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to each item.

Release of Minors:

All campers are released at the end of camp to their parent/guardian or one of the individuals listed on their form. NO EXCEPTIONS! The camp will release the student to either parent/guardian listed on the application unless directed by a court to do otherwise. 

REMINDER: Photo Identification must be provided at time of pick up.

In addition to names already listed on this application, my child may be released to the following individual(s).

Student Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a safe and peaceful camp environment we require parents and Students to read and comprehend the importance of abiding by the following code of conduct.

I will follow the camp schedule. I will bring only the listed items to camp (no weapons, electronic items,etc.). I will respect counselors, directors, and other Students by not using foul language, name calling or fighting. I will follow all safety rules set forth by the camp staff.

I agree to help my child abide by this code of conduct



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Registration Form and Schedule Download2017summercamp